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A typical Miranda warning includes the following advisements: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights?” Many people have the misconception that…Read More

If you are charged with a DUI, you’re probably asking yourself “what punishments will I face?” In Virginia, a DUI conviction has a maximum punishment of 12 months in jail and/or a $2500 fine (with a minimum fine of $250.00). The actual punishment imposed depends on the individual facts of the case, the driver’s criminal history, and the blood alcohol level.…Read More

When you are charged with a crime, the stress can be overwhelming. Many people mistakenly believe that if they are not convicted of a crime, then their record is “clean”. This isn’t exactly true. If you were charged with a crime and were found not guilty or the charge was nolle prosequi’d (not prosecuted / dropped), the police and court…Read More

In Virginia, the initial bail determination is usually conducted by a magistrate shortly after a person is arrested. A person can be released on personal recognizance, unsecured bond, or secured bond. Personal recognizance means that a person is informed of their court date and released. Unsecured bonds require a person to pay a specific sum if they violate the conditions…Read More

What to do when you see the bright lights… and they aren’t from the city. Late night. Just wanting to get home. Mind focused on the hundreds of things you have to do. All of a sudden – lights flashing in your rear view mirror. Panick sets in. Adrenaline rush. Mind races. What do you do? First, always keep safety…Read More

Loudoun lawyer Lorrie Sinclair has been selected to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 list for 2015. Each year the NTL identifies and selects premier trial lawyers in each state to its Top 100 list. Lorrie now joins the Top 100 list for Virginia for 2015. The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 is an invitation-only organization composed of the premier trial lawyers…Read More

For the 6th year, Loudoun lawyer Matthew Snow has been selected to SuperLawyers Magazine’s list of top lawyers under 40 in Virginia. This list of “Rising Stars” is a rating of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The selection process includes independent research, peer nominations and peer…Read More