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Buta Biberaj Testimonials:

“Buta helped me receive the best possible outcome for my case. She was extremely helpful and always available when I needed her. I would 100% recommend her to anyone that needs a lawyer!” A Satisfied Client

“I knew Buta was the lawyer for me when I first met her. She was a thorough, straight shooter who was always attentive and never allowed me feel rushed. During our consults, she went above and beyond using her experience to help me with matters far outside of my case with her. It became obvious that she is highly regarded in the community and her professionalism is unprecedented. She has this uncanny ability to calm your nerves while also knowing she’s fighting hard for her clients…which made me thankful to be on her good side. For me specifically, I was astounded at what she was able to accomplish in a short amount of time. I would sincerely and deeply encourage anyone to obtain her services, you will not be disappointed!” Tiffany

“We hired Buta to represent our 14-year-old daughter in Juvenile Court. Buta’s counsel, calm advice, and clear-headed professionalism were exactly what we needed in a time of crisis. She has a reassuring demeanor and connected with my daughter right away, explaining the seriousness of the charges and exactly how she would represent the case in court. At all times, we felt Buta represented our best interests and that we received excellent counsel. She treated my daughter with a mix of humor and dignity, which was exactly what she needed to re-build her confidence. Buta kept in touch with us throughout the case, was always responsive, and has very positive relationships with all the other lawyers (and judges) in Loudoun County. Buta is a consummate professional and successfully got my daughter’s charges dropped and expunged. Buta’s compassion and counsel had a very positive impact on our daughter and family, and we are forever grateful for her help.” Lisa

“With the year I had and the mess i got my self in I needed someone to guide me down a path which I had no familiarity, Buta gave me the guidance I needed and showed me every step of the way. Thank you!” Blair

“Buta is nothing short of wonderful! She took care of my legal needs efficiently and effectively.” A Satisfied Client

“Thanks miss Buta for your help. I highly recommend her couldn’t find a better help in Loudoun County.” Marco

“Biberaj was able to quickly assess my needs and determine if she or someone else would be the best fit for my case(s). She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and well respected in her community as an advocate for truth and equality.

Her ability to connect with clients, and provide clear concise advice is immeasurable. She is the only lawyer I use for any and every legal need.” Mac

“I couldn’t be any happier in choosing Buta to represent my case. She went to battle for me, doing everything in her power to reach an outcome that wouldn’t jeopardize my professional career.

Beyond her outstanding legal work, she is truly classy. She views you as more than just another client, and works to connect with you and your emotions. She helped me move on from my case, acting as a coach, so that I could continue a healthy social life. She was always available via phone, text, or in person when I needed to reach her.

I also respect Buta’s genuine nature as she would let you know exactly what she could do for you and what to expect come your court date.

Buta is extremely professional and empathetic to her clients and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal counsel. God forbid I need to in the future, I would gladly hire Buta again to represent me.

Thank you so much Buta!” A Satisfied Client

“Our case was very minor, but it was a great opportunity for us to get a glimpse at how Buta works. To say we were impressed is an understatement.

We later had her do some legal papers and again, everything done so professionally and so smoothly.

Buta is classy, professional, smart as heck. Highly recommend!” Rene

“From the very first phone call, I had a great feeling about Ms. Biberaj. There has never been a moment of doubt. While I was stressed, crying and ready to give up, she gave me the motivation to keep going. Even if I don’t want to hear something, she says it, but it’s said with honesty, compassion and wisdom.

If there is one person I trust, it’s Ms. Biberaj.” Jaicin

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Lorrie A. Sinclair Testimonials:

“If you’re looking for a well-respected and highly intelligent Attorney to represent you, there is no need to look any further. I would, without a doubt, highly recommend Ms. Lorrie A. Sinclair, Esquire to anyone seeking legal advice or representation. Ms. Sinclair showed the highest professionalism and expertise with regards to my representation in a traffic case. Ms. Sinclair maintained communication with me from the time I requested her services until we left the court room. With her guidance and suggested recommendations for actions I needed to take prior to my court date, she was able to dramatically decrease my traffic charge as well as all potential fines. She’s definitely on my speed dial in the event I need her services again, or if someone I know needs the services of an excellent Attorney!” Dennis


“Esq. Sinclair aided in supporting my small business with service contract language. She was timely, professional, very knowledgeable, and challenged me to “think out of the box” in developing a comprehensive service-based contracting strategy to support my business relationships. Kudos to Esq. Sinclair and the entire Biberaj, Snow, & Sinclair Law firm for their outstanding achievements, involvement in the community, and excellent professional legal services.” Robert


“Amidst a difficult divorce, Esq. Sinclair represented me in an impeccable manner. Esq. Sinclair, meticulously informed me of every legal procedure, from the petition to the final hearing. I highly recommend Esq. Sinclair, to anyone who is in need of a lawyer with integrity, wisdom and professionalism. She was truly my advocate in the court room. I’m more than honored to have been one of her many satisfied clients.” Shena


“Ms Sinclair handled my grand larceny conspiracy and obstruction of justice case and with her knowledge and respect in the courtroom had all charges dismissed she is one of the best attorneys I encountered and I recommend her to anyone who have a criminal matter in Leesburg VA or any legal matter she is highly respected by her peers and the community if I ever have a family member or friend who need legal assistance I will have Ms. Sinclair on speed dial . Thank you for making me believe in myself.” Felecia


“Ms. Sinclair is handling my grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny case and out of all the attorneys I spoke with she seems the most qualified to handle my case she always respond back to my calls unlike some attorneys I have hired in the pass I have seen a lot excellent reviews on Ms. Sinclair and I feel very confident putting my freedom in her hands.” Felecia


“After Receiving a DUI charge in Leesburg, I attempted to do some online research on lawyers in the area and ended up on Mrs. Sinclair’s page. Ironically, the next day a family friend also referred me to the same lawyer(Mrs. Sinclair). After a brief conversation on the phone discussing my situation, Mrs. Sinclair and I scheduled a time to meet up in person and further discuss. The way Mrs. Sinclair presented herself and her knowledge of the area in which the event occurred and her actually knowing the arresting officer, it was a no brainer to pick Mrs. Sinclair. I felt obligated to meet two more lawyers but no one compared.

Mrs. Sinclair clearly did her research and presented the case so well that a Motion to Suppress was granted ( case got dismissed). Mrs. Sinclair found a flaw in the reasoning of why the officer pulled me over and arrested me therefore getting the case thrown out.

Thank you Mrs. Sinclair.” A Satisfied Client


“I was extremely pleased with the work done by Ms. Sinclair. Not only did she do a wonderful job on our wills, she also represented me for a traffic ticket. I would recommend her in a second.” Cheryl C.


“I got a speeding ticket in Loudoun County for 15+ over. My driving record was spotty at best as I had 3 smaller tickets (rolling stop signs) that had piled up super quickly. I was afraid of accumulating too many points too quickly. I called Lorrie to see if there was any way she could help. My speedometer on my car was off by 5 mph, but with my spotty record I didn’t know if it would help get the ticket reduced. Lorrie was extremely helpful and straight from the beginning she told me the possible outcomes and what to expect. She kept me informed and guided me through the process and ended up getting the ticket reduced to “Defective Equipment” which didn’t come with any points. I highly recommend her.” A Satisfied Client


“Lorrie helped me through my divorce in a very helpful and professional manner. She always kept me up to date on the process and answered any questions that I had in a very responsive fashion. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs representation.” Michael


“I truly recommend Lorrie Sinclair. She was well prepared and kept me up to date on what was actually taking place. I’ve used her before and I would recommend her over and over again.” Harold

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Matthew P. Snow Testimonials:

“Retained Matt Snow for a custody matter. I’ve been dealing with my ex for years and have never really been able to achieve anything thru the Court system. Met with Matt for the first time and realized he immediately he knew his stuff. He was very professional and straightforward with me about goals/expectations. Prepping for trial, Matt took a lot of extra time out with me to make sure I was comfortable with everything going forward. We were able to come to an agreement with the other side the day of Court in my benefit, which I 100% attribute to Matt’s expertise. You will not be disappointed if you choose Matt Snow or his firm for representation.” Chris


“I was referred to Matt Snow by a friend who was impressed by his professionalism in successfully handling his traffic related case. I talked with many other lawyers but Matt was the only one who set a concrete/precise outcome that he could achieve. So, I agreed to have him represent me in a traffic related case. When the court date arrived, he not only met but exceeded my expectation in achieving a positive result! He is highly competent, well connected, very responsive and a lawyer who can offer insightful counsel and advice. I highly recommend him.” Neil

“I recently hired Mr. Snow to represent me on a DWI case in a Loudoun County court. From the moment I contacted him he was very professional, knowledgeable and personable. He explained every step of the process with great detail, answered all my questions and kept me up to date with my case. He fought hard to ensure the best possible outcome and my case was amended to a Reckless Driving. I am extremely relieved and thankful to Mr. Snow.” A Satisfied Client


“Matt represented me in 2015 with a DUI Charge in Loudoun County. I was also charged with refusing to Blow. I interviewed a couple of attorney’s before deciding to have Matt represent me. I knew as soon as I walked into his office that he would be the one for me. He has a nice way about him – he is very easy to talk to – actually took the time to listen to me and my story – and was sympathetic to my case. Matt was available to me by email and telephone and always kept his appointments with me. He was prepared for each meeting and had done his homework before we spoke each time. I wanted a Lawyer who was familiar with Loudoun County Courts, prosecutors, judges and the process in Leesburg – he even knew my arresting Officer and had some background there as well. We thought we would be going to trial and Matt was well prepared to do that – however at the last minute they offered a plea to Reckless Driving and I ended up taking the deal. I can’t help to feel disappointed that Matt didn’t get to take my case to trial because I know he was prepared and I honestly believe if anyone could have plead my case – he was the one for the job. Going through this process is stressful, time consuming, humiliating, and expensive – so you want to have someone next to you that you can trust and who has your best interest at heart. You won’t be disappointed in Matt – he is that one in a million guy that you wish you could meet under different circumstances!” Lauren


“I recently had the misfortune of being served on a rule to show cause. I reached out to a knowledgeable colleague who referred me to Matt Snow. Immediately after speaking with him I knew he would be the best person to represent me. He was knowledgeable and very thorough in his handling of my case and simply went above and beyond. He was able to turn what had been the scariest day of my life into a victory and truly saved my life and career from certain disaster. For this I will always be great full. If you are looking to hire an attorney who has YOUR best interests in mind and not their on paycheck, look no further than Matt Snow.” Kyle


“Matt was flexible to schedule a consultation quickly. He provided solid and useful advice. I will definitely engage him for this and other legal needs.” Deborah


“Very pleased with Atty Snow and his staff from initial phone conversation to final disposition. He was extremely knowledgeable about juvenile law and because of his representation, my son received the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend!” A Satisfied Client


“Matt took charge and helped me deal with a minor traffic violation last month. Even though it was a minor issue, Matt took care of it with minimal input from me and ended up with a positive outcome. If there ever was a need for legal advice for me in the future, I would not hesitate in trusting Matt with that job.

Thanks, Matt!” Mike


“Matt Snow is a competent, fair, and well connected professional. He offers exceptional counsel, keeps appointments, and most importantly, he keeps his word. He is truly one of the good guys.” Craig W.


“Mr. Snow is a highly capable defense attorney, and his entire legal team is exceptional! We received the best legal service we could ask for, with high-degree of professionalism, integrity, experience, and overall legal knowledge and strategy.” A Satisfied Client

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