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Criminal Defense

sm_police_carHave you been arrested in Loudoun County?  Are you or a loved one facing a criminal, traffic or DUI/DWI charge in Loudoun?  Experience Matters.  Let our experienced Loudoun lawyers defend you and use our skills to protect your ability to drive, your personal liberty, or your reputation.  Finding the attorney best able to handle your DUI / DWI, Traffic or Criminal matter is vital to the outcome of your case.  We are Biberaj Snow & Sinclair, PC.  You need criminal defense lawyers in Loudoun County, VA. We are THE Loudoun Lawyers.

If your traffic ticket, criminal charge or juvenile delinquency matter is in Leesburg or Loudoun County Virginia, you should contact Biberaj Snow & Sinclair,  PC. Each of our attorneys are experienced in criminal defense and can assist you with any misdemeanor, felony or traffic matter. We have over 50 years combined experience in representing clients for matters such as assaults, drug offenses, thefts, robberies, manslaughter and murder charges.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling both high profile criminal matters and minor traffic offenses. In the area of criminal defense, our practice areas include:

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