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Loudon DUI / DWI & Traffic Offenses

sm_roadcheckThe Loudoun DUI Lawyers.  At Biberaj Snow & Sinclair, Buta Biberaj  Matthew Snow and Lorrie Sinclair are experienced lawyers who can defend you in Loudoun & Fairfax County Virginia on all Traffic violations, including DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving, Failing to Obey a Highway Sign and excessive speeding offenses.

Most traffic offenses in Virginia are punishable by a fine and/or loss of driving privileges.  However certain offenses such as DUI / DWI, Driving on Suspended License (DOS), and Reckless Driving can result in a jail sentence.  Other offenses such as DUI 3rd, Hit & Run (of an occupied vehicle), Driving after being Declared a Habitual Offender and Involuntary Manslaughter are felonies which carry the possibility of prison time.  If you are charged with any of these crimes in Leesburg or Loudoun County, then you need an experienced Loudoun lawyer to defend you.

In Virginia, the Department of Motor Vehicles assesses demerit points for traffic convictions.  These demerit points affect your insurance premiums and can impact the status of your driver’s license.  Virginia Judges have NO authority to change the number of demerit points associated with a violation.  Rather, demerit points are assessed administratively by DMV and are based solely on the charge at conviction.

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